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If you like what we do and would like to earn money by referring people to our site, then please register as an Affiliate and we can then track any referrals and pay you a commission for anyone who purchases something from our site.

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Welcome to your affiliate area. Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

Affiliate Code

Your Affiliate Code is:


Affiliate Links

With an Affiliate Link you can send your customer to specific pages on our site. When you do this, any sales that occur as a result will be attributed to your account, even if the customer wanders around the rest of our web site before purchasing.

You can use the example Affiliate Links in our table below, or you can create your own custom Affiliate Link to any page on our web site by simply appending your Affiliate Code to the existing web page address. For example:

  • Original Web Address:
  • Your Affiliate Link to the same page:[affiliates_id]

Here are some example Affiliate Links using your Affiliate Code to our most popular pages. We have also given you some example HTML Code for you to embed into your emails or web site for those of you who aren’t tech-savvy:

PageAffiliate Links and example HTML Code
Developer Network Home PageAffiliate Link:[affiliates_url]
HTML Code:<a href="[affiliates_url]">Developer Network</a>
ShopAffiliate Link:[affiliates_id]
HTML Code:<a href="[affiliates_id]">Developer Network Shop</a>
Upcoming EventsAffiliate Link:[affiliates_id]
HTML Code:<a href="[affiliates_id]">Upcoming Events</a>
Property Development FormulaAffiliate Link:[affiliates_id]
HTML Code:<a href="[affiliates_id]">Property Development Formula</a>
Consulting HoursAffiliate Link:[affiliates_id]
HTML Code:<a href="[affiliates_id]">Consulting Hours</a>
Property Developer Network - Annual MembershipAffiliate Link:[affiliates_id]
HTML Code:<a href="[affiliates_id]">Property Developer Network - Annual Membership</a>

Referral Statistics and Sales Earnings

Now that you have your Affiliate Links working, here are the statistics on how many referrals and sales that you have made.

Number of sales referred

Referral Hits: [affiliates_hits]

Referral Visits: [affiliates_visits]

Accepted referrals pending payment: [affiliates_referrals status=”accepted”]

Referrals paid: [affiliates_referrals status=”closed”]

Total Earnings

Commissions pending payment: [affiliates_referrals show=”total” status=”accepted”]

Commissions paid: [affiliates_referrals show=”total” status=”closed”]

Monthly Earnings


Affiliate Account Details