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Property Developer Network - Annual Membership

As you are aware, these are interesting times for everyone, and here at Property Developer Network we are committed to continue providing you the best property related networking events in Australia, as we have done so for the last 8 years.

We are doing our bit to ensure we are kept abreast of the guidelines set-out by the State and Federal Governments and so for the coming months we will be moving our Monthly Meetups to 'Virtual Events' that are Live-Streamed.

This will help to ensure we can continue to bring you great content every month from our Industry Experts & Real Deal presenters, but also doing this with everyone's best interests at heart whilst still helping you to further your growth within the Property Development space.

OH - And best thing is that we can still do our Masterminding at the end of the event to help keep your projects moving forward!

This is NOT a time to panic, instead it is a time to prepare for the opportunities that will inevitably present themselves. Keep abreast of everything happening in and around your markets. As Warren Buffett Says "Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful".

We are excited at the opportunity to keep bringing you great content and look forward to seeing you "LIVE" at one of our next meetups.

How To Access Our 'VIRTUAL EVENTS'

Our Virtual Events will only be accessible to you if you are a PDN Annual Member, however we have MASSIVELY discounted our first year Annual Membership to only $99 to assist you in joining us during these difficult times.

The discounted membership will give you ALL of the benefits of the usual membership including access to all of the previous Meetup recordings, PowerPoint slides, 1,000's of discounts using our RenoSave card and more. And once we are back to running face to face meetings you can attend these for free whilst your membership is still active.

As you know we run dedicated events for each state (QLD, NSW, VIC) so you can chose to attend all of these (if you simply can't get enough of us), or only attend your relevant state's meetup, the choice is yours!

Once the meeting is over, the live-stream recordings will then be uploaded to our dedicated members only portal in case you weren't able to attend live. This will likely take a day or so once the event has finished.

ONCE YOU'VE JOINED - Must Action Steps

Once you become an Annual Member you will receive an email from us with MUST ACTION STEPS that must be carried out before you can attend our Virtual Meetups.

If you don't receive our email within 10-15 minutes of joining up below, then please check your spam/junk folders.

Become An Annual Member Today!

Having started initially as 5 mates sitting around Rob's kitchen table we grew very quickly and went public way back in August 2012.

From our humble beginnings we have grown from strength to strength and have built quite a reputation for helping to both kick start and accelerate peoples Property Development careers, having seen a number of our members leave their day jobs to transition to full time Property Development, and helped others who were already full time lift to the next level.

Having said that, the group is not just for beginners, we have a number of long time developers in the group at the bigger end of town also, with everyone able to gain from the collective experience of the group.

Our philosophy is simple, individually we are limited to solving our problems by our own worldly experience, but collectively together we can solve most of the problems that you are likely to experience in your Property Development journey, and all progress forward collectively.

We now hold Monthly Meetups in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, bringing together the collective knowledge of everyone in the community. And we are VERY proud to say that we are now the largest nationwide networking group in Australia dedicated to Property Development!

Monthly Meeting Format:

Our meetings typically consist of 3 distinct sections, an Industry Expert, a Real Deal & finally the Masterminding process:

  • Our Industry Experts are people that you will need in your property development team, with them giving guidance and advise on the relevant topic of the month. In the past we have had Town Planners, Civil Engineers, Property Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, University Lecturers, Project Managers, Experienced Developers, Property Managers, Financial Planners, Valuers, Brisbane City Council, Surveyors, Commercial Lenders & more. These experts love helping those with a thirst for knowledge and an attitude to succeed and we have been blessed with the quality of these speakers who keep lining up wanting to present at our group.
  • We also have a regular “Real Deal” presentations with members from our own group sharing their own deal warts and all. You will get to see their numbers, issues, challenges, solutions, successes and failures all with the intention of allowing you to learn from the footsteps that they have already walked before you
  • Lastly we have our Masterminding process which help you identify & overcome any challenges that are holding you back from succeeding in your own projects
Benefits Of Becoming An Annual Member:
Entry to ALL the Meetup meetings for an entire year in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Access to ALL presentation Notes & Video’s (since 2012) across all meeting locations


Vabasis Architects - 3 * FREE Site Yield Plans (Valued at $500 each)


RT Edwards Commercial Division - Massive discounts on Electrical Appliances


Tilermade Coorparoo - 25 - 40% off their exclusive range of Tiles


NBtax by Napier & Blakeley - Discounted Depreciation Schedules for $560 + GST per schedule

RenoSave - Australia's #1 Property Discount Card

Access to 1000's of discounts on Home & Building products Australia Wide, including:

- Tiles, flooring, appliances, building supplies, paint, lighting,  electrical, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor landscaping, soft furnishing, staging, property management, legals & conveyancing, depreciation schedules and RP Data and MORE!

Get trade level discounts (sometimes even more), without ever being a 'tradie' through our bulk purchasing power!
PLUS - Included in your RenoSave card is a BONUS Ambassador card, giving you access to tons more leisure & lifestyle discounts!
The Ambassador Card is Australia's premier membership benefits program offering you savings with over 2,000 businesses every year

With 1,000's of experiences, benefits and attractions on offer, you'll be able to make the most of your downtime between property projects.

Below you'll find a list of only SOME of the deals available...we didn't have space to include them all!

- eGift Cards, Accommodation, Dining, Shopping, Financial & Insurance, Food & Groceries, Wine & Liquor, Europcar & Hertz, Discounts Movie Tickets, Getaway Specials, Tours & Attractions, Fitness & Health, Auto, Home Services & MORE!
PLUS MANY MORE discounts which are in the pipeline, so stay tuned throughout each year as they're announced!



$99 for your 1st year (normally $250/year)

 This price is for a limited time only whilst we navigate around the recommendations for COVID-19 and to help keep our Meetups alive!

Our Annual Membership is an ongoing subscription, after your 1st year at our regular price of $250/year, but don't worry you can cancel at anytime for no extra fees or charges.

***NOTE: Please ensure you enter the Coupon Code COVID19 in the Order Summary section below to receive your 1st year for $99***


***NOTE: Please ensure you enter the Coupon Code COVID19 in the Order Summary section below to receive your 1st year for $99***



***Please ensure you enter the Coupon Code COVID19 in the Order Summary section above to receive your 1st year for $99***

By placing an order you are stating that you agree to our Terms & Conditions which can be found by
visiting our website.
We look forward to having you join us soon!

"I've set myself a personal goal of setting 1,000 people financially free by the year 2030 through my education and mentoring programs.

I'm looking forward to you joining us at our next event"

Rob Flux
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