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The team at Developer Network have been running a monthly Meetup group for Property Developers (formerly called Property Mastermind) since way back in 2012, with meetings typically held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Colmslie Hotel at Morningside.

With currently over 850 like minded Property Developers, we have grown from strength to strength and have built quite a reputation for helping to both kick start and accelerate peoples Property Development careers having seen a number of our members leave their day jobs to transition to full time Property Development and others who were already full time lift to the next level.

Our meetings typically consist of 3 distinct sections, an Industry Expert, a Real Deal & finally the Masterminding process:

  • Our Industry Experts are people that you will need in your property development team, with them giving guidance and advise on the relevant topic of the month. In the past we have had Town Planners, Civil Engineers, Property Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, University Lecturers, Project Managers, Experienced Developers, Property Managers, Financial Planners, Valuers, Brisbane City Council, Surveyors, Commercial Lenders & more. These experts love helping those with a thirst for knowledge and an attitude to succeed and we have been blessed with the quality of these speakers who keep lining up wanting to present at our group.
  • We also have a regular “Real Deal” presentations with members from our own group sharing their own deal warts and all. You will get to see their numbers, issues, challenges, solutions, successes and failures all with the intention of allowing you to learn from the footsteps that they have already walked before you
  • Lastly we have our Masterminding process which help you identify & overcome any challenges that are holding you back from succeeding in your own projects

Register your interest and RSVP at

The First meeting is free and then $25 per meeting after that. We also have an Annual Membership package which gets you access to all the meetings for an entire year, copies of all the presentation slides for every meeting since we first began back in 2012, plus a whole range of other discounts. Head on over to the Developer Network Shop and check it out.

The Colmslie Hotel

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