Sell your property yourself with ZERO Commission!

Why pay thousands of dollars in commissions to Real Estate Agents when you can sell your property yourself for ZERO commission. After all, who knows your property better than you.

By listing your property for sale through us you are able to advertise on the 2 largest real estate web sites in Australia & plus dozens of other 3rd party sites, all with a single listing, and all at a fraction of the marketing costs that Agents would typically charge you.

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How do we do this so CHEAP?

We have partnered with to provide you the most competitive way to sell your property that there is on the market. Quite simply because of the number of people in our network all wanting to sell their property we have managed to negotiate a wholesale rate with RealPrivate to list your property using their infrastructure in the back end at much less that you can do it for elsewhere.

How does it work?

Quite simple – You will only get these rates exclusively from us, so every time that you want to list a property for sale, come here to start the process and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “List your Property Now” button below, this will take you to RealPrivate’s servers but you will know that the link worked because it will have our logo at the top of the page
  2. Create your listing by following the on screen prompts. Note that you will need to prove that you own the property to list it
  3. Become a client of RealPrivate by creating an account to log in again next time
  4. Choose the package that you want based on how long you want to list the property for sale for.
  5. Publish your Ad to, and dozens more
  6. Sit back and wait for the inquiries to begin

Compare our Pricing

We have negotiated exclusive wholesale pricing that makes us the most cost competitive solution to list your property on the market.

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