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QwikFeaso – Property Development Feasibility & Construction Cost Calculator

Quickly perform Feasibility calculations and determine construction costs on your next property development project using QwikFeaso. QwikFeaso is highly customised Excel Spreedsheet aimed directly at small to medium Property Developers such as yourself to help you determine the feasibility and profitability of a range of small to medium property development projects.

QwikFeaso comes pre-configured with a number of existing development strategies, and is further fully customisable to suit your specific development strategy and approach, with it able to store 20 custom development strategies and associated typical costs.

With your Development Strategies and Typical Costs already loaded, QwikFeaso really lives up to it’s name by being able to perform your feasibility in minutes. Simply select your Development Strategy, identify any exceptions to your Typical Costs and manually override these costs, enter your purchase and sale costs and your done.


Calculate the cost to construct buildings to your specifications based on real world construction prices from BMT Quantity Surveyors.

  • A range of pre-defined properties already loaded for your convenience
  • Ability to “Construct” additional properties to your own specifications
  • Define Build Quality of finish
  • Adjust Build Cost Range to account for difficult sites or market fluctuations
  • Adjust for regional variations in costs based on your geographic region


Scenario based Property Development Feasibility Calculator

  • 4 Pre-Configured common strategies and costs already loaded
  • Edit the existing strategies or build your own
  • Add your own cost category and apply it to any development strategy including the build in ones
  • Do what if scenaro’s and compare multiple saved feasibilities to determine most profitable approach
  • Email Results to yourself and others to share
  • Edit saved feasibilities and track actual spend as you go


Customise QwikFeaso by adjusting the following areas:

  • Create your own specific development scenario’s that matches your preferred Development Strategy, with up to 20 Development Strategies able to be saved
  • Pre-load rule of thumb costs for each Development Strategy for easy reuse in each Feasibility Calculation
  • Over 200 Common Cost Elements pre-loaded for you across 12 different Cost Categories
  • Add new Cost Elements or edit the ones we have already included for you
  • Adjust timelines for each phase of the project
  • Adjust Construction Cost Tables & Regional Loadings
  • Setup your Typical Dwellings for easy reuse
  • Adjust Stamp Duty Rates for your region if / when they change