Winning Decisions for Successful Property Development
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 
Workshop Overview

As an experienced Property Developer or newbie starting out, everyday you will be faced with hard decisions that can either propel you forward, or stop you in your tracks.

Some common challenges you may face in this space include 'Analysis Paralysis', knowing when to 'push the button' on a deal so it doesn't slip through your fingers, knowing how to avoid common traps that result in poor decision making, and what techniques you can use to make 'Winning Decisions'.

Ian Coombe, a world expert in decision making, will join us for this special 1-day event to share his knowledge on how you can make the best decisions within your Property Development journey.

Imagine telling the military that the way it made decisions needed improvement. Ian Coombe did just that, and they changed. He developed a 5-step decision-making process so effective at winning that they wanted it classified above Top Secret. It delivered national superiority – coming second wasn’t an option!

Ian’s process, WIKID POWER, has been used extensively at the highest levels – including a national security crisis.

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Who Is Ian Coombe?
Ian is passionate about helping people learn how to make superior decisions for more control and superiority for better lives.

​​​​​​​He has been a leader for over 4 decades throughout various organisations, holding titles such as CEO, President and also as a Commander in the Military.

Ian has facilitated decision making within Olympic Committees and the Special Forces, and has also received a US Military commendation for some of these involvements.

​​​​​​​He has authored 3 #1 bestselling books, and has spoken about decision making at TEDxBrisbane and also at international TEDx events.
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What you'll learn...
Learn Ian’s Top Secret WIKID POWER formula

Learn the 5 worst mistakes to avoid when decision making

Complete Ian’s Decision Quotient survey & get instant results you can take-home
Workshop your common Property Development related decisions and challenges

PLUS – Some fantastic freebies and access to exclusive discounts will be available on the day!!

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Event Details

The LIVE workshop was held in Brisbane on the 6th April 2019, with the LIVE event recording available for you now.

Should you wish to learn from Ian's wealth of knowledge and take advantage of this reduced price, you can purchase the recording of the Winning Decisions Workshop via the below link.

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What People Had to Say...
Here is what a few people had to say about Ian Coombe after they attended one of his Decision Making Workshops.
"WIKID POWER gives you understanding of how to make the best decision possible … thank you Ian for your amazing clarity in the process of decision-making … I have the where for all to make the right decisions … for my best outcome every time. I recommend WIKID POWER to anybody who wants to be the best … give you the power to be superior in anything you want."
Simone Feiler Clark
Owner - Brisbane Audiob
"WIKID POWER …. absolutely necessary for all corporates, business and individuals to get a hold of this … best decision making system and formula I have found on the planet to date"

Nate Anema
CEO & Founder - 1000 Fold Results
"If you struggle with making decisions, Ian is the man to see. I was blown away by his systems, what he has divulged … definitely worth catching up with this guy"

Leo Coco
Senior IT Project Manager - Woolworths​​​​​​
"Oh My God! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Speaker! …… After hearing Ian speak, I have become a much better decision maker today and I’m going to carry that on. Ian, thank you so much"

Debbie Small
CEO & Founder - Empowerment Point