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As you are aware, these are interesting times for everyone, and here at Property Developer Network we are committed to continue providing you the best property related networking events in Australia, as we have done so for the last 8 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community for your support over the past few months!

We are planning our return to 'in-person' events where and when we can, HOWEVER due to current restrictions still in place the status differs in each location across the country.

Please therefore visit the button below for location specific event information.

To RSVP & find out more, please visit our Meetups page below
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Psychology Of Property Development

This comprehensive 2 day workshop will provide you with the strategies and tactics to kick start your property development career OR lift your existing property development journey to another level.

Your focus will be on building a 5 Year Property Action Plan, customized to your own personal goals and objectives. Your own personal action plan will give you a roadmap to achieve a competitive edge for sustainable wealth through property and property development.

Set completely within a Property Development context, this weekend will seriously challenge your current thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. We’ll take the time to ensure that you are set up for success, not only in property development, but in your life.

Join the Psychology of Property Development today and get ready to improve your confidence, develop your focus, control your motivation, and engineer an optimistic outlook that will ensure your property development success.

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Property Development Formula

Join Rob Flux, a successful Property Developer, Educator & Mentor, as he shares with you his formula for Property Development success.

Alongside Rob will be Tony Meredith, himself a successful Property Developer, Life & Business Coach, and Kylie Walker an experienced property investor, Life and Property Coach. Nowhere before has there been such a powerful combination of knowledge with Rob as the Property Development Mentor having such great Coaching skills, and Tony & Kylie as the Coach's having such great Property Investment & Development Skills.

Our intention is to prepare you for what to expect on your journey, show you the path that they and others have taken, inspire you to take action, and provide the support that you need along the way.

Our Property Development Formula 12 month program is like no other Property Development education course out there, we build your skills from the ground up. We first start with a two day mindset workshop to get you set for success before moving onto the development curriculum.

Enrolment is 'Open NOW' with instant access to ALL online content & the ability to schedule your Strategy sessions with Rob, Tony & Kylie early!

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"I've set myself a personal goal of setting 1,000 people financially free by the year 2030 through my education and mentoring programs.

I'm looking forward to you joining us at one of our upcoming events soon"

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Rob Flux
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