Course Overview

Join Rob Flux, a successful Property Developer, Educator & Mentor, as he shares with you his formula for Property Development success. Alongside Rob will be Tony Meredith, himself a successful Property Developer, Life & Business Coach. Nowhere before has there been such a powerful combination of knowledge with Rob as the Property Development Mentor having such great Coaching skills, and Tony as the Coach having such great Property Development experience.

Property Development Formula is like no other Property Development education course out there, we build your skills from the ground up. We first start with a two day mindset workshop to get you set for success before moving onto the development curriculum.

This truly is a hands on course and not just theory, you learn the tools of the trade with you using your laptop in class to analyse real sites LIVE in real time using Rob's toll gating approach to fast track your analysis. The outcome being the ability to analyse site in minutes for both their development potential and also their profit potential.

As part of this 12 month program we will help you lock in your development strategy and key target areas, then teach you how to become an area expert so that you can zone in on your first deal quickly. You will have Tony as a coach to motivate and hold you accountable, and Rob as a mentor to assist when you hit troubled times. 

Rob & Tony’s intention is to prepare you for what to expect on your journey, show you the path that they and others have taken, inspire you to take action, and provide the support that you need along the way.

We truly believe that "We Develop People For Property Success"

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Course Inclusions

Live Workshops

  • 2 Day Psychology of Property Development workshop on Mindset
  • 3 Day Foundations Workshop

Online Content (accessible immediately)
  • Psychology of Property Development workshop
  • Property Development Formula workshop
  • Legacy PD101 Site Analysis course
  • All Monthly Property Development Formula Webinars
  • Vault  of PDN monthly meetup content including all video's & powerpoint slides from every meeting held Australia wide since 2012

Monthly Webinars
  • 5 No Money Down strategies
  • Funding arrangements
  • Structures Overview & entities
  • Negotiation Techniques & tactics
  • Taxation Record Keeping
  • To Sell or To Keep – That is the question
  • Project Management
  • Plan Sealing Process
  • Advanced Structures & Entities
  • Joint Ventures
  • Property Options

Resources & Tools
  • Site Analysis Checklist
  • QwikFeaso software with updates for life
  • Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Guides
  • Joint Venture Templates
  • Option Agreement Templates
  • 1 Year Subscription to the RenoSave Discount Card
  • Annual Membership to attend PDN Meetup events Australia wide
  • Access to a range of exclusive PDN 'Member Only' discounts including RP Data

Mentoring & Coaching Sessions
  • 2 * 2 Hour Strategy session with both Rob & Tony together
  • 12 * Monthly Group Mentoring sessions with Rob Flux
  • 12 * Monthly Group Coaching sessions with Tony Meredith
  • 6 Hours of individual Mentoring with Rob Flux
  • 6 Hours of individual Coaching with Tony Meredith
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Who Are We?
Rob Flux
Property Developer, Educator & Mentor
Your Mentor
Purchased his first property at the age of 18
Purchased his first investment property at age 21
Owned his first house outright at age 24
Over 32 years experience in Property & Property Development
Founded Property Developer Network back in 2012 to give back to the community
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Your Coach
Left the Rat Race through Property Development in just 3 years
Current project on schedule for $2m+ profit
Managed National Teams of 50+ people for several Multi-Nationals
Certified Life & Business Coach
Tony Meredith
Property Developer & Life Coach
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What Others Are Saying About Our Courses

Don't take our word for it, hear from some of the hundreds of people getting value from our courses.

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Key Dates & Logistics
Enrolment is Open NOW with instant access to ALL online content, & ability to schedule Strategy sessions with Rob & Tony early
Psychology of Property Development (2 Days)
(choice of Brisbane or Sydney)
    • Brisbane - 7th & 8th March
    • Sydney - 14th & 15th March

    Property Development Formula (3 Days)

    • Brisbane - 3rd, 4th and 5th April
    Monthly Webinars
    • 1st Week of Each Month
    Monthly Group Coaching Calls
    • 2nd Week of Each Month
    Monthly Group Mentoring Calls
    • 3rd Week of Each Month
    Individual Coaching & Mentoring
    • Scheduled Monthly on individual basis
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    "I've set myself a personal goal of setting 1,000 people financially free by the year 2030 through my education and mentoring programs.

    I'm looking forward to you joining us."

    Rob Flux
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